CollectionDX “The Show” Patreon Page is live!

Hey everyone just a quick update to let folks know that we have launched a PATREON page for CDX “The Show.”

What is Patreon? Well in a nutshell it allows people that enjoy your content to tip you a little something for your effort. In this case we are asking viewers of the show to contribute something to the show if they feel they are getting value from the content we are taking time out of our lives to produce on a weekly basis. It is completely voluntary and the show will continue to go out for free.

That was the plan anyway…

However, the lack of response from the viewers is leaving me a bit cold. And to be honest if we don’t find ourselves approaching the first milestone within a month I may just go ahead and pull the plug on the show and the Patreon page.

I’ve been at this online content thing for years but the resounding silence from the audience is pretty much telling me “Give it up, no one cares.” Kind of hard to argue with facts. If folks find no value in what you do there is no real reason to keep doing it. If you feel differently and like what I do feel free to throw something into the pot for the CDX Patreon page. It will go a long way to help.